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Kissed by Fire-ebooklgMy name is Danielle Annett. I’m an Urban Fantasy author who writes about kick ass heroines in volatile settings.

The world has struggled to adjust ever since the Awakening occurred and all things that went bump in the night decided to come out and play. Aria isn’t a vampire, shifter, witch, or any other race that would give her an advantage in this world that has changed so much, but she isn’t normal either.

Struggling to survive in a screwed-up world, she makes it a point to defend those unable to defend themselves and doesn’t bother blinking when the monsters of the night come after her in the ruined streets of Spokane, Washington.

In this world Aria Naveed is alone but that won’t stop her. With her twin daggers and an ability unlike anyone else, she strikes back at those who would keep her down.

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