Blood & Magic Series


The Blood & Magic World

The beginning of the series starts six years after the Awakening. This is ultimately when paranormals of all shapes, sizes, and species decided that they were coming out of the closet. They were the top of the food chain and they wanted you to know it.

After the Awakening, the economy crashed, the government systems fell, and wars ensued. Now, years later. No one body is in control but they are all vying for it.

Key Players:

Aria Naveed is our main character. Aria is a pyrokinetic mercenary who has the strong urge to put her neck on the line for those too weak to defend themselves. She’s hidden her pyrokinetic abilities her entire life for fear that she’d be manipulated and turned into someone else’s weapon, or experimented on to find out what makes her tick. She is impulsive and at times can be brash but she fights for what she believes in and never takes no for an answer.

James Shields is Aria’s best friend and happens to be a wolf shifter. He is the acting Hunter for the Pacific Northwest Pack which is to say that it is his responsibility to take down shifters who go rogue. He resides outside of the Pack’s heriarchy because you never know who is at risk of going rogue. It could be your mother, brother, or even your Alpha.

Declan Valkenaar is the Alpha of the Pacific Northwest Pack. His animal form is a white Tiger. He has nearly white-blonde hair and emerald eyes that take on a metallic quality when his tiger decides to make an appearance. Declan always puts the Pack’s needs first and will do and use whatever and whoever he needs to, to ensure his Pack’s survival.

Mike Sanborn is a fatherly figure for Aria. He owns Sanborn Place, Aria’s place of work, and took her in two years prior to the start of Cursed by Fire, when she had no where else to go. Mike is married to Marion Sanborn.

Melody is a Harpy, no last name because well, Harpies don’t need them She is a quick witted woman with an addiction to aggravating her attractive neighbor Ryan. Her are Aria are casual friends and neighbors, sharing the same apartment complex.

Inarus Hawkins is a Psyker like Aria, only his ability is telekinetics. He can move objects with his mind as well as teleport himself and others. Him and Aria have a rocky relationship. As a member of PsyShade, his motivations and beliefs align with those who view paranormals as abominations.

The Pacific Northwest Pack-Led by Declan Valkenaar, the Alpha of all PNW Apha’s. There are six smaller packs within the PNW Pack. They include Clan Muroidea (rodents), Clan Cat, Clan Canidae (Fox, Jackals, and Coyotes), Clan Wolf, Clan Feloidea (Hyena, Mongoose and Civets), and Clan Big (Bears,¬†hippopotamus, ect, the big guys)

The Alpha’s of these packs are…

For Clan Muroidea- Yvonne Ortiz (unmated)

For Clan Cat-Declan remains Alpha of Clan Cat being the most dominant feline in the Pack (unmated)

For Clan Wolf- Derek and Tegan, joint Alpha’s who are also twin brothers

For Clan Canidae- Robert Meyer (unmated)

For Clan Feloidea- Eva Baudin and her mate Mathias

For Clan Big- Caden and Isla Fuller, the Beta’s are Mauro and Jennifer Rook

The local Vampire Coven is led by Rebecka. She has blond hair and delicate features. Her fragile and youth like appearance is something she uses to her advantage in making her enemies underestimate her.

Irina Petrova is a Vampire in Spokane who has long red hair and is extremely attractive, think Jessica Rabbit. She uses her sex appeal to get her way but is vicious in her own right. Never turn your back on her.